School District #58

Nicola Similkameen


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MISSION - The District will do this work by:

  1. Supporting excellence in teaching and learning

  2. Challenging and supporting staff and our students to pursue their personal best

  3. Recognizing and celebrating cultural diversity and the heritage of our communities

  4. Encouraging parental involvement with students at home and school through meaningful relationships with families and communities

  5. Fostering resiliency, resourcefulness, respect and independence

  6. Inspiring curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in all students and staff to achieve their full potential

  7. Providing safe and nurturing learning environments for ALL students to achieve their full potential

  8. Recruiting the best qualified personnel, providing ongoing, systematic professional development and retaining outstanding staff

  9. Providing timely, relevant and useful information and data to students, staff, parents and partner groups

VALUE STATEMENTS - The District values:

  1. Inclusive education and partnerships

  2. The diversity of our communities

  3. Fairness and due process in decision making

  4. The heritage and culture of Aboriginal (Inuit, Indian and Metis)  and First Nations people, with recognition of the traditional territory of the local Nle’kepmx and Syilx peoples

  5. The dignity of all individuals

  6. The important role of parents and caregivers in support of their child’s education

  7. The pursuit of excellence and personal best

  8. The well-being of students and staff

  9. Parental and student choice with respect to how, when, and where learning takes place

  10. Responsible Citizenship 

  11. Regular, effective and relevant communications

  12. Positive relationships based on trust and mutual respect

  13. Innovation and promising educational practices


“Success for ALL Learners ~ Today and Tomorrow”

School District No. 58 (Nicola-Similkameen)

1550 Chapman Street, Merritt, BC

PO Box 4100, V1K 1B8

Telephone: 250 378 5161

Toll Free: 1 800 778 3208

Fax: 250 378 6263

What’s New?

Kindergarten Registration

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Merritt 2015

Princeton 2015

Active After School Program February

New sessions for the Active After School program begin February 17th, 2015.  This program provides a variety of fun activities for students in Kindergarten to Grade 7.  Fees include snacks and transportation from Bench, Diamond Vale, Collettville and Central schools.

Strategic Planning 2014-2019

SD58 Report on Student Achievement.pdf