• Student Support Services

School District No. 58's Student Support Services facilitates student development, wellness and learning by promoting an environment that allows students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for life long learning and fulfillment.  Schools, parents and community work collaboratively to ensure that every student is given the opportunity to fully participate in a broad, individually challenging educational program in a supportive and caring school environment.


District Principal of Student Support



Jane Kempston

SD No. 58 District Board Office

Report Bullying - Parent Link

Lynn Dixon

Brent Bowden

Tammi Froese

Maddison Hillman

Misty Sheldon

Merritt Grades K-3

Merritt Grades 8-12

Merritt Grades 4-7

Princeton Grades K-12

Adolescent Counsellor Gr. 8 - 12

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Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders


Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders

Student Support Services

Lara Sigurdsson

Kate Kyrstein

Kelly Tjorham

Gagan Sekhon

Ken Ellis

Kristen Flinn

Valerie Grimshire

Kiara Hart

Isaiah Lansdowne

Natasha Omori

Michelle Dagg

Kathleen Gunn

Susan Graham

Nadine Thibert

Kelsey Batts

Katie Kirkley

Laila Leach

Collettville Elementary

Diamond Vale Elementary

Diamond Vale Elementary

Merritt Bench Elementary

Merritt Central Elementary

Merritt Central Elementary

Merritt Secondary

Merritt Secondary

Merritt Secondary

Merritt Secondary

Nicola-Canford Elementary


Kengard Learning Centre (KLC)

John Allison Elementary

Princeton Secondary

Vermilion Forks Elementary

The Bridge


BC Provincial Outreach Programs

SOGI 123

SOGI 1 2 3 is a resource hub, connecting you to information and resources for enabling LGBTQ-inclusive education at your school.

Social Emotional Learning Team (SELT)

The SELT team consists of Counsellors in Merritt and Princeton and the Health Promoting Schools Coordinator. The team is available to support all students in School District #58.  Click here to learn more!