Gordon Swan - Vice-Chairman

Gordon Swan – Chair

Gordon Comeau - Chairman

Gordon Comeau – Vice-Chair

Everett Hoisington

Everett Hoisington

Brian Jepsen

Brian Jepsen

John Chenoweth - Trustee

John Chenoweth

Leah Ward - Trustee

Leah Ward

As a proud fellow alumni member of SD 58, with a young family, and a deep passion for community vitality, it is an absolute honor to be your voice in Education! Happily and wholeheartedly I contribute myself to serving our communities in many capacities, but primarily I have focused in on revitalizing Education, Employment and Recreation:-) I truly enjoy being a part of the change we wish to see in this world!

Student Trustees

Carter Davey - Student Trustee

Princeton Student Trustees

Left - Rylee Forde (Grade 11)

Right - Kaelan Druck (Grade 10)

Merritt Student Trustees

Merritt Student Trustees