The Online Registration portal of MyEd BC allows parents/guardians to log into the MyEd Family Portal and enter new registration data for each of their children. Once submitted to a school, the entire registration application can be processed directly in MyEd BC eliminating the need for paper forms and in-person registration. The data is transferred from the application forms to the student record, speeding up the processing of enrolling students and increasing the accuracy of student data.

Parents can now create an account in MyEd BC without any intervention from the school district.  The process is as simple as clicking a link and entering just a few pieces of information and verifying an email address. Please note that if a parent or guardian already has a MyEd BC account for other students, they will not need to create a new account to register additional children.

Register a kindergarten student for the next school year (Fall 2021)

If you are moving to the district or moving within the district, register here

Online Student Registration

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