Travel after Spring Break

Satisfaction Survey Link for Parents

Parents can now complete the Satisfaction Survey by using the Direct Access — no logon number required.

Indigenous-Focused Graduation Requirement

Home – Indigenous-Focused Graduation Requirement What is this engagement about? As part of the Province of British Columbia’s commitments to truth, reconciliation, and anti-racism, the Ministry of Education will be implementing an Indigenous-focused graduation requirement for all students. The proposed model for the new requirement would allow secondary students to meet the requirement through a … Read more

COVID Test Kit Cautions

Last week your child received a set of five COVID 19 antigen test kits to take home for later use when they are sick orshow symptoms that need testing. We learned late last week of concerns about the liquid in the test kits as shared by Health Canada. See letter below for more details.

Letter to Families – February 11th 2022

We are happy to let you know that we are making good progress in repairing schools on the Merritt side of thedistrict, progress is steady and our plans for schools being ready for kids remain on track. See letter for details.