SD58/NVIT Transition Initiative

School District 58 is working in partnership with the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology to offer additional support to students as they transition to life after secondary school. Whether attending college or university, community living, engaging in apprentice training, or entering the workplace, we are here to help make post-secondary plans a reality. Along with an initial post-secondary destination, we want students to leave with the skills and support to continually adapt their plan as they change and grow.

Meet Jennifer Lisle, BA, MEd

Jennifer Lisle has worked for the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) for the past 11 years. She currently serves as the Student Transitions & Institutional Reporting Advisor, but her experience also includes work as an Admissions/Registration Officer and Academic/Financial Planner. Jennifer believes the earlier a student establishes a relationship with a post-secondary institution, the more likely they are to have a successful transition to post-secondary studies. Additionally, she believes there is an opportunity for secondary schools and post-secondary institutions to work together to help cultivate this connection. “I’m passionate about student success and find it very fulfilling to work in partnership with SD 58 to help students successfully navigate their transition to the post-secondary world.”

Meet Dave Andersen, AS, BA

Dave Andersen has been with School District 58 for the last 11 years and has worked primarily as a junior and senior science teacher and wellness coordinator. Dave is currently involved with the Work Experience and Youth Work in Trades programs as well as the facilitator for Career and Life Education 10 and Career and Life Connections 12 at Merritt Secondary School. Dave believes that all students should leave the K-12 system with a knowledge of their skills, abilities, and interests, an awareness of their post-secondary opportunities, and an understanding of the pathways to achieving their career and life goals. “I’m so excited to be a part of this new opportunity for students in our district. The 21st century world of work is filled with so many interesting and exciting prospects for young people and I can’t wait to help students connect with their passions and support them in their journey.”

NVIT Immediate Entry Bursary

Awarded to Grade 12 graduates who graduate and transition directly from high school (BC Adult Graduation Diploma is not applicable) to NVIT. Students must apply, be accepted and enrolled in a minimum 60% course load of first year post-secondary courses, each semester, for the upcoming academic year. Students must have graduated from:

  • School District #58 (Indigenous or non-Indigenous)
  • A BC First Nations school registered with the BC First Nations School Association; or
  • Indigenous Grade 12 graduates across BC

NVIT Programs

Learn about NVIT programs and courses offered at Nicola Valley Institute of Technology on the NVIT website.

SD58 Transitions Data

Ministry of Education “Student Transitions Project”

The Student Transitions Project uses personal education numbers (PENs) to track BC student data across both K-12 and public post-secondary education systems. This information guides program planning and management to help students transition successfully to post-secondary education and graduate.

Post-Secondary Education

EducationPlanner BC

This site allows students and families to search for programs, check out prerequisites for admission, investigate/compare tuition costs, apply online to post-secondary institutions in BC, as well as, provides information about financial aid, scholarships and bursaries and various other resources for prospective post-secondary students.

Post-Secondary BC Website

Post-SecondaryBC connecting students and post-secondary institutions in BC, with a mission to provide access to the most current information about BC’s post-secondary options to students, their parents, and the high school counsellors who support them. Post-Secondary BC facilitates school presentations, community information evenings and high school counsellor updates, and generally acts as a resource for comprehensive, real-time, and unbiased post-secondary information.

Post-Secondary Checklist

We have created a checklist to help you through the process.

Scholarship Information & Resources

Scholarships Canada – Create a profile to gain access to over 99,000 available scholarships. Includes details such as requirements, deadlines, and application links. It will even match you to appropriate scholarships!

NVIT Entrance Awards There are a number of Entrance Awards which are specifically designed for high school graduates entering their first year of post-secondary studies at NVIT. For more information, follow the link above.

Unlock Your Future Unlock your Future is an award-winning business that empowers students to pursue their academic goals while offering them the tools to help fund those dreams. From a dynamic seminar that outlines a comprehensive program to private consulting sessions to give you a jump start, Unlock your Future can help you navigate the scholarship process.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants WorkBC has set up a useful page on their website with links to various other websites with tools for searching for scholarships, bursaries and grants. This is a great starting point to look for grants, bursaries and scholarships.

Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool – The link above on the Government of Canada website and provides information on a large number of bursaries and scholarships available to those of aboriginal ancestry.

Indspire – Indspire is a national charity which offers bursaries, scholarships and educational support for First Nations, Metis and Inuit students.

Elizabeth Fry Society – The Elizabeth Fry Society offers a free program called Future Bright, that helps families with net income of less than $48,535 access up to $3,200 in federal and provincial government savings grants that are available to fund their child’s education after high school. Future Bright helps families overcome the barriers to claiming these grants, which many people don’t know exist.

StudentAidBC – This site is the place to go to apply online for a student loan and has useful information about loans, grants and the process of applying for financial aid. Note, student loan applications for the upcoming academic year usually become available in June of each year.

Career and Life Connections 12

Why Career Education?

In Grades 10 to 12, students explore and research a multitude of educational, work-related, and life opportunities to develop the knowledge and the personal and social competencies to manage the next steps in their career-life journeys.

We want you to leave with a plan for your next steps after graduation along with the skills to change and adapt your plan as needed.

What is Capstone?

The capstone is a rigorous learning opportunity for students to reflect and share in personally meaningful ways, and is a requirement for Career-Life Connections 12 and for graduation. The purpose of the capstone is for students to demonstrate the knowledge, competencies, and passion(s) that they can offer the world, as they integrate personal interests and strengths with preferred future possibilities.

Career Exploration

Need some ideas?

myBlueprint Career Education

Students are asked to complete a series of activities through the myBlueprint Career Education software ( This learning is documented using an online student-built portfolio through the myBlueprint site which students create before leaving for the summer. Students use the same log in credentials as other district software to access their myBlueprint account. See Careers and Life Connections Course Overview for more information.

Work Programs

SD58 Work Programs

SD58 offers a range of Work Programs to help you get the training you need for your career.

Skills Canada BC

Skills Canada BC helps prepare BC’s youth in Trades and Technology through competition, in-school programs, online challenges and young women’s conferences.

ITA Youth Work in Trades Program

Get on the job training as a Youth Apprentice.

ITA Youth Train in Trades Program

Get a head start on your technical trades training.

Upcoming Events

Do you have a passion for Earth, technology and the outdoors?

Have you thought about a career in the mineral resource industry?

If so, we invite you to check out this online presentation on April 19, 2023. Meet mining industry professionals and learn more about post-secondary opportunities!

Please contact Kevin McGifford ( or Vicki Klassen ( for registration information.

Working in partnership with NVIT to support student transitions to post-secondary education, work, and community living.